Look Local: Valley Trust on fundraising trail

The Valley Trust held its annual general meeting on Monday, reflecting on a tough year.
IT'S been a challenging year for the Valley Trust, said executive director S'bongiseni Vilakazi at the annual general meeting of the Valley Trust on Monday. 

Vilakazi told those present that the Valley Trust had undergone a major restructuring and hoped to focus on a number of key changes including health, bridging the gap between the community and a number of agencies such as government, to strengthen the ability of families in the Valley to fulfil their needs and aimed to stay internally focused, looking only at the needs of the Valley community. 

He said the organisation also hoped to build the necessary skills for staff to work at optimal levels, to improve income for the trust by making more appeals to donors and put renewed focus on income generating resources.

Financial report

CURRENT projects within the programmes division have been funded with grants received from funders (R3 961 257), the Halley Stott Fund (R4 266 057) and contracts/consultancy (R111 353). 

The Valley Trust’s contribution towards projects has narrowed down by one per cent to 51 per cent. Many of the projects were not fully funded by donors and thus the organisation had to fund many of the projects, which included projects such as computer network charges, telephone charges, office rental, utilities, administration costs and  small shortfall salaries. 

The trust has not increased its funding base for this year, despite ongoing fundraising efforts. External donations also declined substantially. 

The Halley Stott Fund reduced from R21 946 860 to R15 509 586 (down by R6 437 274). A total of R6 million was approved by the board of trustees to be utilised in respect of organisational and programme costs, of which a balance of R1 394 892 remains cash on hand and has been carried over. 

The remaining R437 274 is the shortfall between income generated by the fund in 2011 and retrenchment packages paid out during the restructuring process. 

The trust’s financial manger, Dean Naude, said in his summation of the financial position of the trust that more effort has to be put into raising funds. He also said had it not been for a few reliable donors or had one of them withdrawn, the situation for the programmes would become dire.

Article by Looklocal/Caxton Newspapers

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