Children treated on Madiba Day

THE Valley Trust was alive with the sound of songs and dance in celebration of Mandela Day on Wednesday 18 July. 

Children from the Orphans and Vulnerable Children’s programme (OVC) were treated to a party at the centre and were taught the importance of knowing what Madiba stands for, where the 67 minutes came from and how important it is to care for others. 

Clifford  Gcwensa (OVC project manager for the counselling, testing and prevention programme) said it was important that South Africans work together as a nation and added it was important to make a habit of doing good for others not only on Mandela Day, but every other day too. 

Health students from the Walter Sisulu University were also present and made the day an exceptionally special for the children with fun activities such as dancing, singing and playing games. The Valley Trust hosts its annual general meeting on 5 September at 10.30am at The Valley Trust, Zulu Reserve Road, Botha’s Hill.

Article by Looklocal/Caxton Newspapers

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